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LT Jimmy Bruce Schneider

United States Navy

Date of Birth: 23 January 1958; born in Yuma, AZ

Next of Kin:
Mrs. Lynn Schneider (wife)
Amanda Schneider (daughter)
Robert R. and Shirley J. Schneider (parents)
Kristen L. Schneider (sister)
Jerry R. Schneider (brother)
Joel A. Schneider (brother)

Commissioned: May 1980

Circumstances of Death:

The Navy promoted pilot Jimmy B. Schneider, 25, to Lieutenant on the morning of August 23, 1983. That afternoon, he died along with three other crew members, in a plane crash while practicing touch and go landings at the Elisabeth City Coast Guard Station.

Witnesses said that shortly after take-off, the plane's tail dipped slightly, its wings turned and rolled and the plane crashed into the ground. At the time of his death, Lt Schneider had been assigned to the Norfolk Station with Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 40 for a year and a half. He was flying a twin-engine C-1A Trader, used to ferry crews and cargo to aircraft carriers.

Awards: No award history available.

History of Service:

Not available.

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